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Beach Management Plan for the town.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has this week announced plans for a new project aimed at the town's coastal defences. The 12 month plan, known as the Beach Management Plan (BMP) will be put into action to answer the issues of the cliff erosion taking place east of the mouth of the River Sid.

An estimated £75,000 will be spent on data collection in an attempt to gather resources and options to attract relevant funding from information gathering through to the final production of the project.

Of course, the community will have a say in this and first off were the local fisherman, the lifeboat and the sailing club. Public meetings will be held in January and another later in the year. Members of the public will also be able to gather information and comment on alternatives at the early stages.

The beach is not only used by the public for general recreational use, it is also used commercially, as a habitat for wildlife and environmental sciences so a plan is essential for the diverse range of uses.

There are currently 3 main aims to be considered which are -

  • To maintain the 1990's Coastal Defence Scheme.
  • Reduce the rate of beach and cliff erosion to the east if the River Sid to an agreed historic rate.
  • To carry out 1 and 2 in an integrated, justifiable and sustainable way.

Should you wish to attend the first public community engagement, then details of this will be released early in January 2014 through the press, EDDC website and their appropriate social media services.

Erosion at the East end of Sidmouith beach

The erosion at the east end of Sidmouth's beach

Will the plan be a success - time is of the essence!