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Annual unique cross country race.

The yearly Beat The Bus Race is here again and event organiser Bill Valentine, of Sidmouth Running Club, wants to make it bigger and better than ever! The race is roughly 9 kilometres over multi-terrain including the uphill slog to the top of Peak Hill where the runners turn and return back to Otterton. Hopefully quick enough to beat the 157 bus on it's round trip.

Bill is looking to raise more awareness for the race in the hope of attracting more numbers and keeping up with previous races in the past few years.

The event will take place on Wednesday the 25th June 2014 at 6.37pm.

The entry form can be downloaded at this address

More details about Sidmouth Running Club can be found on their website which has regular updates on running evens throughout the year. It also has membership fees and contact details.

You can contact Bill Valentine about the Beat The Bus Race via the following.

01395 516763

There is also Beat Bertie The Bus, a 1 mile for under tens and 1 3/4 mile race for over tens. This starts from Otterton Green at 18:45 just after the main Beat The Bus Race. Entries will be taken on the day and the form can be downloaded here.

Sidmouth Running Club
Sidmouth Running Club
Sidmouth Running Club

Can you Beat The Bus? Sign up to the event and find out!