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Sidmouth Great Duck Derby 2014

Sidmouth will host the annual Great Duck Derby this year on Sunday 20th July in the Byes. The events start at around 2:00pm near the Sid Park Road bridge where there will also be both parents and children's egg and spoon races.

At 2:45pm the races start with the corporate ducks which are coloured red. Then at 3:00pm the the main event begins and the ducks make their way to the weir at Waterloo bridge. First one over the top win the lucky owner a cash prize!

Tickets cost £1 each and are available from members of the Sidmouth Lions Club and in pubs and shops around the town. Tickets are available at the start and finish lines on the day as well. All proceeds go to charity of which are printed on the tickets along with the prize amounts.


Let everyone know about the Great Sidmouth Duck Derby!