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East Devon Wheelie Clean

59 Manstone Avenue, , , EX10 9TG
01395 578 572
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A dirty wheelie bin can attract rats, cause offensive odours, become infested with flies and rapidly become a health hazard right outside your home! It is therefore vital that your wheelie bin is kept clean, but don't panic help is at hand we at East Devon Wheelie Clean provide a monthly wheelie bin cleaning service.

Our biodegradable products kill 99.9% of all known germs. Our high pressure washing system removes all contaminated residue from the bottom of the bins leaving them clean and fresh. Your bin can be cleaned, disinfected, deodorised and smelling fresh all year round on a monthly basis from as little as £3.50 per clean!

Our cleaning process uses only 100% biodegradable products.

Care of the environment is of paramount importance to us at East Devon Wheelie Clean and we feel that our customers will take comfort in the knowledge that we take a responsible approach to our activities
With many local authorities across the UK now collecting domestic waste fortnightly instead of weekly, people are becoming increasingly concerned about their bins starting to smell. We have the solution! For a minimal charge, our customers have their bins cleaned, disinfected and deodorised every month to prevent this problem.

We recycle all of the water during the cleaning process, keeping water usage to a minimum and keeping the environment safe.

In line with Water Authority and Environmental Agency regulations we recycle and dispose of the dirty cleaning water at our Water Authority registered site.

Once you have placed your order with us we will notify you off the date of your first clean, this is to allow you to have your bin located at a point where it will be visible to us and any contents in bin bags so that we can easily remove the contents and replace after cleaning and leaving us the opportunity to pamper your bin, on completion we will return your bin where we found it and not blocking the drive or upside down on the lawn!

We cover the East Devon areas that have wheelie bins of Axminster, Beer, Colyton, Colyford, Seaton. Sidmouth and Ottery St Mary, Exmouth and surrounding areas will be to follow in the near future.

We can also provide a commercial bin cleaning service up to 1100ltr in size (normally green rolled top bins) for this service please call 01395 578572 or 07791750619 or email for a quote.

If you would like to have your wheelie bin smelling fresh and bug free please call 01395 578572 or 07791750619 or email with your name, address, No of bins and which option
you would like to have.

Purpose Built Equipment
Environmently Safe
Water Authority Registered
Environment Agency Registered
Full Public Liability Insurance
Bio Degradeable Cleaning Products
Efficient, Friendly, Reliable Service

Option 1 £42.00 for 1 bin £84 for 2 bins Annual payment to cover 12 monthly cleans. Cost per clean: £3.50

Option 2 £22.50 for 1 bin £45.00 for 2 bins Half yearly payment to cover 6 monthly cleans. Cost per clean: £3.75

Option 3 £12.00 for 1 bin £24.00 for 2 bins Quarterly payment to cover 3 monthly cleans. Cost per clean: £4.00

Tele: 01395 578572
Mobile: 07791750619

Please make cheque payable to East Devon Wheelie Clean and post to 59 Manstone Avenue Sidmouth Devon EX109TG