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NHS Blood and Transplant - Blood Drive at Sidmouth 2017

NHSBT aim to collect 6,000 units of blood every day but we are still trying to fill appointments at this session so we would greatly appreciate your support in promoting our service.

Blood is needed for treating a variety of illnesses and conditions as well as sudden trauma from accidents and emergencies so we greatly appreciate every donation. Just one donation can save and improve up to three lives .

Do something amazing. Give blood.

Held on Sunday 28th May 2017, at Stowford Community Centre.

Appointments available between 9.35am - 12.15pm and 13.15pm and 15.45pm

Book your appointment today and become a life saver!

To book an appointment please call 0300 123 23 23, visit or use the app - NHSGiveBlood.