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Sidmouth Late Night Christmas Shopping

Sidmouth late night christmas shopping will be taking place on Friday the 7th December 2012.

As well as the chance to be out and about in the shops grabbing all the essential gifts you need there will be plenty to se and do.

  • Carol singers and choirs
  • Hot chestnuts and hog roast
  • A visit by Father Christmas
  • Street art, entertainment and more...
  • Shops open until 8:00pm
  • In store special offers and entertainment
  • Food and drink

So why not come and enjoy the festivities and the unique shopping experience that Sidmouth has to offer. You can also enjoy dinner and drinks at one of the many quality restaurants, bars, cafes and bistros throughout the town.

Sidmouth is cut off from heavy rain and floods.

Saturday the 24th November, Sidmouth was cut off completely with no access for vehicles on any of the roads into the town following torrential rain. Water levels raised dramatically over only a few hours after severe rain soaked an already saturated ground meaning much of the town was flooded.

Late Saturday evening the East Devon District Council reported "access to Sidmouth was not possible and to avoid travel unless essential".

The Ford was closed over the weekend and remains closed now (Monday 26th November) as flood water is still flowing into the river. The river raised from an average 8cm to 185cm over the weekend causing damage to bridges in the byes and also damaging the river banks and supporting stones.

Send in your flood images to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we shall put them up on the site to share. You can find the gallery here...

Flood Gallery

You can find the latest information on flood warnings in the South West here

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Alma Bridge - A solution to the future of the bridge remains undecided...

Alma Bridge, first erected in 1855 to span the mouth of the River Sid is undergoing a major repair to make it safe after recent floods. The bridge was damaged by a fierce and high river after torrential rainfall forced water through the towns flood defenses. Unfortunately the bridge is the last stand where the water escapes into the sea.

The Bridge has changed appearances over the years and you can see this in the photos below. The first bridge was constructed in 1855 at a cost of £26 10s and was doe so using the timbers of the stricken vessel, Laurel. In 1900 R.W. Sampson was commissioned to design a new bridge that can be seen today and as of the storms of 2012 we hope that the bridge can be repaired and reinstated to it's former glory.

This blog will be updated when more news is available.

Alma Bridge Alma Bridge Alma Bridge

Here is how the bridge is currently looking through it's temporary stage.

Alma Bridge Alma Bridge

There have been a great deal of cliff falls and disruption to the base of the cliffs over the past 2 weeks. You can see the damage done and the debris that's been washed back on to the shore at Pennington Point.

Diggers and workmen were spotted at the base of Alma bridge working to strengthen the supports and have cleared a path through to the sea to keep the flow of water consistent.

Alma Bridge Alma Bridge Alma Bridge Alma Bridge

Alma Bridge managed to escape unharmed as the River Sid threw all it could at it over the weekend!

Alma Bridge Alma Bridge